County Fertilizer Ordinance

SEMINOLE COUNTY FERTILIZER ORDINANCE  - With the active "growing season" upon us, this is when everyone wants to get their lawns and shrubs looking great again for the year! With that, here's some information to be aware of and to incorporate into your yard maintenance program....Stormwater runoff is a major source of pollution flowing into our natural waterbodies; especially here in Spring Lake Hills where we have no stormwater retention ponds. As a result, every single homesite contributes stormwater runoff directly into our waterways through the drains and catch basins in our roadways. Seminole County Board of County Commissioners approved a "NEW" Fertilizer Ordinance, effective February 28, 2017, that regulates fertilizers containing nitrogen and/or phosphorous and provides specific management guidelines for fertilizer application in order to minimize negative impacts to our natural waterbodies.