Our community lakes and waterways make Spring Lake Hills a very special place to live. They create a unique recreational oasis, and peaceful escape from the stresses of metropolitan life. Birds and other forms of wildlife attracted to the lakes raise generations of their families right alongside our own. Our lakes and green spaces work together to form an ecosystem. As we boat, fish, work, play, maintain our lawns and landscaping, it is important to ask ourselves, (and teach our children), to enjoy ourselves responsibly and minimize the negative impact our activities may have on the environment.

Spring Lake Hills residents volunteer and work in partnership with Seminole County Lake Management to monitor, maintain and support our community's vibrant natural ecosystems. We will highlight that work here to entertain, educate and inspire our friends and neighbors through stories, video, photography, and (uh-oh), a little bit of science! So stay tuned to this page, we will be adding to it on a regular basis!!

Spring Lake, Lake Springwood and The Springwood Waterway each have their own designation with Seminole County as an MSBU (Municipal Service Benefit Unit). Each household in our community shares in the cost for the professional services and expertise Seminole County's Lake Management Program provides to help us keep our waterways healthy. This is accomplished through management of algae, control of invasive aquatic weeds and plants, and water quality studies. Enhancing the waterline with Florida Friendly and native aquatic plants helps to reduce the overgrowth of invasives, (like Hydrilla), that can clog our waterways and cause ecological problems. Beneficial plants are an important part of keeping our water clear, smelling good, and reducing algae and filtering contaminants that can be harmful to both wildlife and human health. But even our "good" plants need to be managed and controlled to maintain clear and safe passage for resident's watercraft. 


Because each household in our community contributes to the costs of this program, we encourage all residents to watch this educational video produced by our good friends at Seminole County Lake Management. Make some popcorn and get comfortable, as it is a 30 minute feature! You'll learn about our own Spring Lake, and nearby Lake Brantley which are highlighted as examples of successful rehabilitation!