1. In Florida, many communities have homeowners associations. These are generally required by the city or the county when the developer makes his original application to develop the property. The Declaration that establishes the Spring Lake Association is recorded in plat book 15 of Seminole county. This Declaration controls all the property within the Spring Lake Hills Subdivision. In 1992, special laws, (Chapter 617 of the Florida Statutes) governing homeowners’ associations were enacted by the Florida Legislature. In 1995, these special statutory provisions were expanded and refined. Currently (Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes) prevails. General corporate law and the special homeowners’ provisions combine to provide the framework for the operation of the homeowners association.
  2. These Rules and Regulations as adopted at the annual meeting on 8 November 1996, by the Association, are to help ensure that Spring Lake Hills remains a pleasant place to live for all residents. The Architectural Review Guidelines contained herein exist to preserve and protect the owners investment and overall appearance of the Subdivision.
  3. A prime consideration in both areas is to maintain the financial value of the Subdivision. Many of the restrictions are imposed because history indicates that communities that fail to set standards of conduct for individuals and guidelines for architectural compliance, typically decline in value and desirability.
  4. In issuing these Rules and Regulations and Architectural Review Guidelines, the Association has reviewed, interpreted and amplified the information originally contained in the Covenants and Restrictions, the Articles of Incorporation and the Florida Statutes. The Association has attempted to provide the information in an understandable format, eliminating "legalese" when possible. It must be understood that this document is subordinate to any Florida statutes, the Covenants and Restrictions or The Articles of Incorporation; this document is an addendum to the By-Laws, is enforceable in a court of law, and may be amended from time to time by the Association at a general meeting of the members. The Board of Directors of the Association are responsible for the enforcement of the provisions contained herein.


  1. To present a unified effort by the members of the Association in protecting and enhancing the value of the property of the members located in the subdivision known as the Spring Lake Hills Subdivision in Seminole County, Florida.
  2. To endeavor to determine that ad valorem taxes and assessments levied on the property of members of the corporation are uniform and fair.
  3. To endeavor to ensure that adequate police and fire protection, garbage and trash removal, and other conveniences and utility services are furnished to the property of the members.
  4. To provide for the maintenance, improvement and beautification of access ways, parkways, recreation areas and all other common areas in the Spring Lake Hills Subdivision.
  5. To establish Rules and Regulations that ensure that each lot owner maintains their property at the level of maintenance set forth herein and conducts themselves and their guests in the manner established by these Rules and Regulations.
  6. To engage in such other activities as may be to the benefit of the owners of real property in the Spring Lake Hills Subdivision, as shall be specified from time to time in the By-laws.


  1. The building lots within Spring Lake Hills shall be used for single family residential purposes only.
  2. No building at any time located on any lot or building plot shall be used for any commercial business, amusement, hospital, sanitarium, school, clubhouse, religious, charitable, philanthropic or manufacturing purposes, or as a professional office, and no billboards or advertising signs of any kind shall be erected or displayed thereon, except such signs as are permitted elsewhere in these Rules and Regulations. In home businesses shall be permitted provided the business is properly licensed by the county and state and the following conditions are met:
  3. The business shall not create additional vehicular or pedestrian traffic in the subdivision.
  4. There shall be no visible or audible indication or signs that a business enterprise is being conducted on or in the property or in any building situate thereon.
  5. The business enterprise shall not create a disturbance or annoyance in the Subdivision or to any neighbor nor shall it have an unfavorable environmental impact.
  6. No building situate on any lot or building plot shall be rented or leased separately from the rental or lease, of the entire property.
  7. The Association reserves and shall have the unrestricted and absolute right to deny ingress to any non resident person, including visitors of residents who, in the opinion of the Association, may create or participate in a disturbance or nuisance on any part of the land included in said Spring Lake Hills.
  8. The grassy area lying between the roadway and sidewalk, commonly known as "the median" is common property belonging to the Association. Each lot owner will maintain the median as though it were part of the main parcel. No tree, shrub or bush, with the exception of palm trees, which may cause damage to the adjoining roadway or sidewalk shall be planted within the median and then only in those medians that do not contain utilities.
  9. The Association shall have the right, but no obligation, to remove or require the removal of any fence, wall, hedge, shrub, bush, tree or other thing, natural or artificial, placed or located on any building lot, if the location of the same will, in the sole judgment and opinion of the Association, cause damage to sidewalks, streets or in anyway interfere with easements or drainage or limit access to easements by emergency vehicles or crews or obstruct the vision of a motorist upon any of the access ways. The Association shall provide ten (10) days written notice to the offending home owner prior to the Association taking action to correct the situation. Any costs incurred by the Association to correct any of the above situations shall be billed to the lot owner and if not paid within thirty (30) days shall constitute a lien against said property and shall be collectable as provided in the Covenants and Restrictions.
  10. No utility yard, fence, wall or any type or kind of permanent structure shall be erected, allowed or placed within any of the areas designated on said plat as easements. Any hedge, shrub, tree or other planting placed within any of the areas designated on said plat as easements shall forthwith be removed by the building plot owner if and when such owner is required or requested so to do by the Association. The Association shall provide ten days written notice to the offending home owner prior to the Association taking action to correct the situation. Any costs incurred by the Association to correct any of the above situations shall constitute a lien against said property and shall be collectable as provided in the Covenants and Restrictions.
  11. (a) Each residence shall have attached thereto one or more utility yards. Each utility yard shall be walled or fenced, and the entrance thereto shall be screened, using materials and with a height and design approved by the Association in such manner that structures and objects located therein shall not be visible from the outside of such utility yard. The following buildings, structures and objects may be erected and maintained and allowed to remain on the building plot only if the same are located wholly within the main residence or wholly within a utility yard: Pens, yards and houses for pets, above ground storage of construction materials, wood, coal , oil and other fuels, clothes racks and clotheslines, clothes washing and drying equipment, laundry rooms, tool shops and workshops, storage sheds, garbage/trash cans and other receptacles and above ground exterior air-conditioning and heating equipment or other mechanical equipment and any other structures or objects determined by the Association to be of an unsightly nature or appearance.

    (b) Portable Temporary Storage Unit

        (1.) Definition: Portable Temporary Storage Unit shall mean a transportable unit designed and used primarily for temporary storage of building materials (before they are utilized for building purposes), household goods, and other such materials for use on a limited basis on residential property.

        (2.) Temporary Storage Units shall only be placed on the property owner’s driveway or a parking area or, if access exists at the side or rear of the site, the side or rear yard.

        (3.) The Temporary Storage Unit shall be located at such address for a maximum of five (5) consecutive days, including the days of delivery and removal.

        (4.) Each residential property is limited to a maximum of four (4) registrations per calendar year, and a minimum of fifteen (15) days shall elapse between the end of one (1) registration period and the beginning of another.

        (5.) In the event of a tropical storm warning or hurricane watch issued by the National Weather Service, the Resident or Supplier shall immediately remove, or cause to be removed, the Temporary Storage Unit after a warning or watch has been issued.

        (6.) The Resident, as well as the Supplier, shall be responsible for ensuring that the Temporary Storage Unit is delivered and maintained in good condition, free from evidence of deterioration, weathering, discoloration, graffiti, rust, ripping, tearing or other holes or breaks, at all times.

        (7.) No Temporary Storage Unit shall be used to store solid waste, construction debris, demolition debris, recyclable materials, business inventory, commercial goods, goods for property other that at the residential property where the Temporary Storage Unit is located or any other illegal or hazardous material.

        (8.) The Board of Directors reserves the right to modify these rules in individual cases as necessary to adapt to any hardship or other unusual conditions that would best suit the member.

  1. No orange or other citrus trees shall be permitted in front or street side lots without the consent of the Association.
  2. Lawn service contractors, tree trimming contractors, pressure cleaning companies and like type service companies shall be permitted access to the subdivision only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. All such activity by outside contractors must cease by 6:00 p.m. Any contractor who willfully violates this provision shall be denied entrance to the subdivision for a period of one year.
  3. The motor vehicle speed limit within the subdivision is 25mph. The speed limit and other traffic laws are enforceable by the Seminole County Sheriff as provided by a contract between Seminole County and the Association for Traffic Enforcement on private property.
  4. Private automobiles of the occupants bearing no commercial signs shall be parked in the garage, driveway or parking area on the building plot. Private automobiles of guests of the occupants may be parked in such driveway, parking area or on the street in a manner that does not obstruct any driveway or fire hydrant and in a manner that is consistent with traffic laws. Parking shall not be permitted on grass or other landscaped areas, or in such a manner wherein any part of the vehicle extends over any portion of the sidewalk.
  5. Recreational vehicles, i.e. campers or motor homes may not be kept, parked or stored within the Subdivision except within a wholly enclosed garage or utility yard as described herein except said vehicles may be parked in the driveway while undergoing trip preparation or while performing housecleaning type functions and then and only then for the period to accomplish said activity but in no case to exceed twenty four (24) hours. Such exception is not allowed more than once weekly per lot owner.
  6. No vehicle or boat that would not be substantially obscured from view from the outside of a utility yard shall be kept or parked in any such utility yard. No boats or trailers may be kept in front yards, driveway or side yard; they must be in the back yard and screened from view when visible from any street.
  7. No owner, renter or any person in the employ or otherwise associated with the owner of any building plot within the Spring Lake Subdivision shall engage in any major automotive repairs or restoration of any kind within the Subdivision. No vehicle in a non operable condition including, but not limited to, flat tires or vehicular damage shall be permitted to remain on the premises unless same are completely inside a garage attached to the main residence or within utility yards.
  8. Signs, advertisements, notices or other lettering shall not be exhibited, displayed, inscribed, painted or affixed thereto in, on, or upon any part of the Spring Lake Hills Subdivision except as otherwise provided herein or as follows.
  9. A limit of one (1) "For Rent" or "For Sale" sign may be posted upon the owners property.
  10. "For Rent", "For Sale", "Open House", directional information and similar signs not exceeding two (2) feet by two (2) feet may be posted upon Common Property for a period not to exceed three (3) days.
  11. Temporary signs not exceeding two (2) feet by two (2) feet such as those for garage sales, yard sales and lost pets may be posted upon Common Properties for a period not to exceed three (3) days.
  12. Political signs not exceeding three (3) feet by four (4) feet may be posted on an Owner’s property. Signs may be erected no earlier than thirty (30) days before the election and must be removed within two (2) days after the election. Political signs may not be posted on Common Property.
  13. The Association may enter upon any building plot and summarily remove and destroy any signs which do not meet the provisions of this paragraph.
  14. No garbage or trash incinerator shall be placed or permitted to remain on a building plot or any part thereof. Garbage, trash, recyclables and rubbish shall be removed from the building plots only by services or agencies approved in writing by the Association or as designated by Seminole County with the exception of incidental services provided by lawn and tree trimming services or contractors or subcontractors involved in the construction or restoration of any building plot.
  15. The lot owner shall keep and maintain on said plot covered containers in which all garbage and trash shall be kept until removed from the building plot. Such garbage containers shall be kept at all times within a utility yard or within underground garbage receptacles located on the building plot or on the access way. Garbage, Trash and Yard Waste scheduled for removal by the approved professional hauler shall be placed only in such locations as shall be designated by the Association. Any such underground garbage receptacles shall be constructed so that garbage containers will not be visible.
  16. No mailbox or paper box or other receptacle of any kind for use in the delivery of mail or newspapers or magazines or similar material shall be erected or located on any building plot unless and until the size, location, design and type of material for said boxes or receptacles shall have been approved by the Association.
  17. No horses, mules, ponies, donkeys, burros, cattle, sheep goats, swine, rodents, reptiles, pigeons, pheasants, game girds, game fowl or poultry or guineas shall be kept, permitted, raised or maintained on any building plot on said land. No other animals, birds or fowl shall be kept, permitted, raised or maintained on any such building plot except as permitted in this paragraph. Not more than two dogs, not more than two cats, not more than four birds (excluding parrots) and not more than four rabbits may be kept on a single building plot for the pleasure and use of the occupants but not for any commercial or breeding purpose.
  18. If any of such permitted animals or birds shall, in the sole opinion of the Association become dangerous or an annoyance or nuisance in the neighborhood or nearby property or destructive of wild life, they may not thereafter be kept on the building plot. Birds and rabbits shall be kept caged at all times. A pet shall not be permitted outside its owner’s plot unless attended and on a leash not exceeding eight (8) feet in length. Pets shall only be walked or taken upon those portions of the Common Properties designated by the Association from time to time for such purposes. In no event shall pets ever be allowed to be walked or taken on or about the recreational areas which include but are not limited to the playground, tennis courts, and boat ramp areas contained within the Common Properties.
  19. It is unlawful for any animal owner to permit, either willfully or through failure to exercise due care and control any animal to soil, defile, urinate or defecate on any private or public property, other than that of the owner without expressed or implied consent.
  20. It is unlawful for any animal owner to permit either willfully or through failure to exercise due care and control any animal, in a continuing or repeating manner, to bark, cry, howl, screech, squawk, scream, whine or cause other objectionable noises which disturb the comfort, peace, quiet or repose of any person residing in the vicinity.
  21. The Seminole County Animal Control Act establishes additional regulations as relates to the care, control and licensing of animals within this county and is applicable to the Spring Lake Hills Subdivision. Residents should direct their complaints to Seminole County Animal Control.
  22. No illegal, noxious or offensive activity shall be permitted on any part of the Subdivision, nor shall anything be permitted or done thereon which is or may become a nuisance or a source of embarrassment, discomfort or annoyance to the neighborhood. Any person observing such activity shall notify the Seminole County Sheriff’s office and/or the Association for corrective action.
  23. Solicitation of any kind by persons external to the subdivision or by residents is strictly prohibited.
  24. No trash, garbage, rubbish, debris, yard waste or other refuse shall be deposited or allowed to accumulate or remain on any part of this subdivision, nor shall any lot owner deposit the same upon any land or lands contiguous thereto. No fires for burning of trash, leaves, clippings or other debris or refuse shall be permitted on any part of said land.
  25. Unless the prior approval of the Association has been obtained, no window air conditioning units shall be installed in the side of any building which faces an access way.
  26. No pier, dock, boathouse, bulkhead or other structure of any kind shall be erected, placed or permitted to remain on, in or over any portion of any lake front or canal lot without the consent of the Association.
  27. Each lot owner whose lot adjoins or abuts any lake front or the canal shall keep his lot and the portion of the adjoining or abutting tract between his lot and the water’s edge at the lake bank grassed , trimmed and cut and properly maintained so as to present a pleasing appearance, maintain the proper contour of the lake bank and prevent erosion. However, except with the prior written approval of the Association and or any Governmental agencies having jurisdiction over said water ways, the shoreline contour of the lake may not be changed and no lot may be increased in size by filling in the lake and no lot may be dug out or dredged so as to cause the water of the lake or canal to protrude into the lot.
  28. Individual lot owners and Association property that abuts any lake or canal may be subject to assessments from time to time for their pro rata share of any costs involved in maintaining said body of water in an environmentally acceptable condition.
  29. No lot owner or resident shall have any right to pump or otherwise remove any water from the above mentioned lakes or canal for the purpose of irrigation or other use without the prior written consent of the Association, nor to place rocks, stones, trash, garbage, sewage, water discharged from swimming pools or heating or air conditioning systems, waste water (other than surface drainage) rubbish, debris, ashes or other refuse in any of the above mentioned lakes or canal or on any portion of said tracts.
  30. The owner of each building plot shall keep such plot free of tall grass, undergrowth, dead trees, dangerous tree limbs, weeds, trash and rubbish, and shall keep such plot at all times in a neat and attractive condition. Trees and shrubs shall not be allowed to obstruct the streets or walks. Trees should be trimmed to a height of 8 feet over sidewalks and 14 feet over the roadways. In the event the owner of any building plot fails to comply with the preceding, the Association shall have the right, but no obligation, to go upon such building plot and to cut and remove tall grass, undergrowth and weeds and to remove rubbish and any unsightly or undesirable things and objects there from, and to do any other things and perform and furnish any labor necessary or desirable in its judgment to maintain the property in a neat and attractive condition, all at the expense of the owner of such building plot, which expenses shall be payable by such owner to the Association on demand and may be enforced in the same manner as hereinafter provided for enforcement of assessments.
  31. The common facilities are for the exclusive use of Members of the Spring Lake Association Inc., their immediate families and invited guests. The procedure for admission of guests is as follows:
  32. Members may notify the security guard up to twenty four (24) hours in advance of the arrival of guests and that the guests are to be admitted without further notification.
  33. No blanket authorizations are permitted. All authorizations for admission expire in twenty four (24) hours.
  34. Reservations of the tennis court may be made twenty four (24 hours in advance. No standing reservations will be accepted (e.g., every Tuesday at 10:00am).
  35. Reservations will be accepted in the name of the member only and the member will be responsible for picking up and returning the key to the guard.
  36. Guests that are admitted by a member for use of the boat ramps shall park their towing vehicle and trailer on the curb in a legal manner.
  37. All persons admitted must be identified as the guest of a specific resident.
  38. Guests will be expected to fully comply with all rules and regulations of the Association and the member authorizing their admission is solely responsible for their behavior at all times.
  39. The Association has the absolute right to deny admission to anyone other than a member that has acted in a manner not in conformity with the Rules and Regulations.
  40. Each building plot in Spring Lake Hills hereby is subjected to an annual maintenance assessment. Such annual maintenance assessment shall be paid quarterly and shall become delinquent if not paid within thirty (30) days following the end of each quarter for which assessed and shall bear interest at the rate of eight per cent (8%) per annum from said date until paid. Additionally, any lot owner that becomes delinquent shall be billed for the balance of any assessments that have been levied for the current year.
  41. Each annual maintenance assessment and interest thereon shall constitute a debt from the owner or owners of the property against or with respect to which the same shall be assessed, payable to said Association on demand, and shall be secured by a lien upon such property and all improvements thereon. Said lien shall attach annually and shall be enforceable by said Association in a court of competent jurisdiction. In the event said Association shall institute proceedings to collect or enforce such assessment of the lien said Association shall be entitled to recover from the owner or owners of such property all costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred in and about such proceedings and all such costs shall be secured by the lien.
  42. Whenever there shall have been built or there shall exist on any building plot any structure, building, thing or condition which is in violation of these covenants and restrictions the Association shall have the right, but no obligation to enter upon the property where such violation exists and summarily to abate and remove the same, all at the expense of the owner of such property, which expense shall be payable by such owner to the Association on demand, and such entry and abatement or removal shall not be deemed a trespass or make the Association liable in anywise for any damages on account thereof.
  43. If any person, firm or corporation, or other entity shall violate or attempt to violate any of these covenants or restrictions, it shall be lawful for the Association or any person or persons owning any lot on said land (a) to prosecute proceedings for the recovery of damages against those so violating or attempting to violate any such covenants or restrictions, or (b) to maintain a proceeding in any court of competent jurisdiction against those so violating or attempting to violate any such covenants or restrictions, for the purpose of preventing or enjoining all or any such violations or attempted violations. The remedies contained in this paragraph shall be construed as cumulative of all other remedies now or hereafter provided by law.
  44. The failure of the Association, its successors or assigns, to enforce any covenant or restriction or any obligation, right, power, privilege, authority or reservation herein contained, however long continued, shall in no event be deemed a waiver of the right to enforce the same thereafter as to the same breach or violation, or as to any other breach or violation thereof occurring prior to or subsequent thereto.
  45. In the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster or civil disorder the President or acting President of the Association, and he/she alone, may suspend any portion of this document for the duration of said emergency.

 (addendum to SLH Bylaws as amended Nov 2006)