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Whether your house needs a fresh coat of paint, you’re replacing an old new fence, or you’re ready to make an architectural renovation, your project must be approved by your HOA before you can start the work!

Follow these 3 steps and approval will be a SNAP!

1. Click on this blue link: ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES To view/download/print your HOA’s guidelines for exterior modifications. Reading this document in the planning stages of your project will help you keep your ideas in compliance with the rules and regulations of the HOA and help you avoid approval delays. 

2. Click on this blue link: ARCHITECTURAL MODIFICATION REQUEST FORM to view and download/print the form you will fill out and submit to the Board of Directors for Architectural Review. You may download and print it from here, or, you can also obtain a hard copy at the gatehouse. Fill out the form as completely as possible. Attach paint colors, plans, drawings, and any appropriate support documents to the completed form. Try to give as much information about your project as possible to ensure faster approval.

3. Submit your completed Architectural Modification Request Form with all support materials and documents attached to an attendant at the gatehouse. Brian Pelski will bring it to the next Board Meeting for Review. The Board meets and reviews on the 2nd Monday of each month, so plan your submission accordingly.